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Who Gets Love Linked Permanent Jewelry?

Who Gets Love Linked Permanent Jewelry?
You may have already heard about the hottest jewelry trend sweeping the nation: permanent jewelry. You may already know about that permanent jewelry is like the modern-day friendship bracelet and a symbol for eternal love! You probably know that it is a custom-sized chain that is cut to fit your wrist and welded closed without a clasp! But you might not know who in fact is getting these delicate forever treasures? We see all sorts of people walk through our doors: single folks in their 20s, 30s, 40s and even 50s, commemorating a milestone moment in their lives, or the lost life of a dear loved-one. We see young couples barely old enough to drive, and we see mothers & daughters commemorating a birthday or college graduation. Best friends celebrating a weekend together after two pandemic years apart, and an intimate group honoring their trail-blazer's first pregnancy. Our goal for everyone who walks through our doors is to greet them with kindness, treat them with care & respect, and offer them a super sentimental experience. The permanent bracelet should last for years, but we hope the memory of your visit to Winifred Grace will last a lifetime.

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