Love Linked Permanent Jewelry at Winifred Grace
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Love Linked Permanent Jewelry at Winifred Grace

Love Linked Permanent Jewelry at Winifred Grace

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Also referred to as forever jewelry, endless chain, zapped jewelry, or welded bracelets, permanent jewelry is a unique way to honor any commitment you might be making whether to a loved one or yourself. These dainty welded chains with no clasp are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, or anniversary.  

How does it work?

We offer a limited variety of fine 14k gold chains for you to choose from.
Once we customize the chain length to fit your wrist, neck, or ankle perfectly, we then connect the two ends with a tiny jump ring and weld it closed.

Because it is welded, this means there is no clasp. Hence the name Permanent Jewelry. However, if at any point you decide you no longer wish to wear the bracelet, it can be easily clipped off.

Over the Summer we received multiple calls a day, every day, asking if we offered Permanent Jewelry at our boutique, Winifred Grace. It became obvious that this was a service people in the city of Chicago were looking for, and it seemed like an natural move for us to make. We have been offering personalized, custom-stamped jewelry at Winifred Grace for almost 10 years, so offering yet another service that caters to life's sentimental milestones made perfect sense. 

We did extensive research on the best machine, and then hired a jeweler to train exclusively so that we could have an expert and experienced welder to give you the utmost of confidence. Today we offer permanent bracelets, necklaces and anklets in a variety of solid gold chains, with a variety of upgrades and add-ons.


How much does it cost?
Currently our 14k gold chains cost between $16 - $45 per inch. The average bracelet is 6.5" in length. We also offer a variety of upgrades which include gold and diamond links and charms. 

Love Linked Permanent Jewelry takes place at our brick & mortar boutique, Winifred Grace 5632 N. Clark Street in Chicago, just a few miles North of Wrigley Field.

Please feel free to email for more details or if you have any questions! We hope to meet you very soon!


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