WG Home Styling – Winifred Grace
*** FREE SHIPPING: All Domestic Orders Over $75 (Excludes Rugs) ***And...Now Offering Permanent Jewelry! *** FREE SHIPPING: All Domestic Orders OVER $75 (Excludes Rugs) *** And...Now Offering Permanent Jewelry!

WG Home Styling

 Are you craving a home refresh? 
Do you feel like your house or apartment isn't being utilized to its fullest potential?
Have you run out of storage options?

I have the perfect solution:
A one-on-one, 3 hour, in-home design consultation with yours truly.
We'll go through each room to evaluate how you use it.
Together we'll figure out what works and what doesn't. 

We'll brainstorm solutions, dive into your style inspirations,
and come up with a master plan that will include as much or as little of your current inventory as you'd like.

In addition, I'll follow up with an itemized "blueprint" of your project which includes suggestions for furniture,
accessories and paint colors, shopping links and a Pinterest board specific to your needs.

$375 gets you all this. Interested in getting help?
Email Winifred to set up a phone call!