About Winifred Grace

Hello! I'm Winnie, founder and designer 
of Winifred Grace. I am thrilled that you have
decided to stop by and browse for a bit.
Why, 13 years ago, did I leave my career as
a graphic designer to start this company?
Well, sure, a love of jewelry and design had
something to do with it, but honestly, at the
core there is something more.
I get a genuine high from not only providing
a product that you love, but even more
importantly, providing a totally unique and
personal shopping experience for you. 
I know that there are literally thousands 
of other options out there so the fact
that you are here is MAJOR! 
Opening my first brick and mortar location
was like a dream come true. It has allowed me
to interact with you on a daily basis, and really
understand what it is that you are looking for.
Every day I am considering our conversations
and your feedback so that I can continue to
be a place where you enjoy shopping. 
I live just a hop skip and jump from my store 
with my husband Benjamin, our son Alexander,
and our dog Guffman.