1. What materials do you use?

The chains for our necklaces come in either 14k gold filled, 14k rose gold filled or sterling silver. We also use leather cord for some of our pieces. All of our blank pendants for stamping come in 14k gold filled, 14k rose gold filled or sterling silver.
The rest of our jewelry are as listed, but if you have a special request please contact us at or call 872.806.2455.

2. For necklaces, what lengths of chain are available?

Our standard lengths are 18" or 28". If you would like a custom length, please send us an email at or call 872.806.2455.

3. What type of closure do you use for necklaces?

We have easy-to-use, lobster or spring clasps. We find these to be the most secure clasps on the market without being bulky.

4. Can you stamp on the back of the custom stamped pendants?

No. When stamping on the pendant, the back is compromised and has a hazing scuff from stamping. We recommend getting other pendants to layer with it.

5. My jewelry is tarnishing, How do I polish it?

We provide a yellow Sunshine polishing cloth per jewelry piece you purchase. To maintain a shiny surface for as long as possible, store your jewelry away from the air in a ziploc bag and keep it as dry as possible. 
Avoid contact as much as possible with beauty and cleaning products.
 Cloth is not washable. Once the cloth is fully used/blackened, you can purchase a new one HERE.

6. Can I return my purchase?

Please see our Return Policy for details.