FAQs – Winifred Grace
*** FREE SHIPPING: All Domestic Orders Over $75 (Excludes Rugs) ***And...Now Offering Permanent Jewelry! *** FREE SHIPPING: All Domestic Orders OVER $75 (Excludes Rugs) *** And...Now Offering Permanent Jewelry!


Where is my Order?
Track your order here.

Are items I see online in the shop?
Yes. Everything that is in stock online can be purchased in the shop. 

What is your COVID Shopping Policy?
In accordance with Chicago Mask guidelines, masks are optional. We do require masks be worn for any Love Linked appointment.

Can I order a Custom Stamped piece?
Yes! The best way to order a custom stamped piece is to Contact Us. We stamp Thursdays, however if you need your piece earlier we have a $25 Rush Fee option available. Visit our Custom Stamping page for inspiration.

Can you stamp on the back of pendants?
Unfortunately we do not stamp on the back of our pendants. During stamping the back is compromised and has a hazy scuff from stamping. We recommend getting other pendants to layer with it.

How do I order a 14k Gold piece?
14k gold pieces may not always be in stock, however we are more than happy to place a special order for these pieces. Gold jewelry prices are subject to change due to fluctuation in the market. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Can I use my Gift Card online?
Yes! During checkout you have an option to pay using your Winifred Grace Gift Card.

Can I pick up my order?
Of course! There is a Pick Up option at checkout that you can select in order to skip the shipping cost.

Can I return/exchange my purchase?
Please review our Exchange Policy for details. 

Do you have Permanent Jewelry?
Good news! We are offering permanent bracelets. Book your Love Linked appointment here.