In-Home Design Consultation – Winifred Grace
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Winifred Grace

In-Home Design Consultation

$ 450.00

Winifred Grace

In-Home Design Consultation

$ 450.00

Our homes have become our schools, our restaurants, our gyms, our playgrounds, and our offices. For all of us, this has been a HUGE transition within spaces that likely seem not nearly HUGE enough to handle it. Are you desperate for a refresh? Do you feel like your house or apartment isn't being utilized to its fullest potential? Have you run out of storage options?

I have the perfect solution: 

A one-on-one, 3 hour, in-home design consultation with yours truly. 
We'll go through each room to evaluate how you use it. Together we'll figure out what works and what doesn't. We'll brainstorm solutions, dive into your style inspirations, and come up with a master plan that will include as much or as little of your current inventory as you'd like. Reimagining spaces can also mean moving furniture on the spot, so be prepared to shake things up and get physical if that's what your space is calling for!

Within 72 hours of our meeting, I will provide an in-depth, follow-up Project Blueprint which will include a list of your action items, room by room. I’ll list specific suggestions for paint colors, wall treatments, furniture and accessories with shoppable links, and resources! Need more time with me? I’m happy to provide additional help at a rate of $75 per hour.

If you have any questions about our In-Home Design Consultation, or would like to inquire about booking a different date or time, please contact us.

House Witch
Hilde on Mar 16, 2019
Winnie is like a "house witch", discovering unused corners, creating more open space where there was none, even shaking up the bedroom by liberating stuck thinking on bed placement, window treatments and opportunities to clear horizontal surfaces and create peace. It is kind of amazing that just one consultation with Winnie has us breathing new life into the home we have loved for seven years.

Eyesores no more
Laura on Mar 16, 2019
Winnie has the best eye of anyone I know. She helped transform multiple rooms in my house from eyesores to rooms I want to spend all of my time in. She is creative, clever, thoughtful and has always worked within my budget. Having Winnie in my home has literally turned old new again.

I mean...
Monisha on Mar 18, 2019

What just happened in my house?
Winnie happened.
Hilde (other review) is right: House Witch AF!
We have been "stuck" for sooooo long in our house in 3-4 rooms, just stuck in terms of not loving them, but not knowing how to solve them, and flirting with very expensive solutions, like.for.years. But then Winnie came, and literally in one evening, it feels like we moved to a new house. Within 24 hours, not only did it LOOK better, but we are USING THE SPACE differently and more "in community" than we were before. It had been very choppy, and literally the day after Winnie left, we had a group of neighbors hanging out together in just the space we had always wanted but so much more comfortably. AND, there is more light, and space... because Winnie didn't just suggest ideas; she rolled up her pretty WG blouse sleeves and helped me move furniture all over the place, up/down and OUT. Yes, she helped me PURGE stuff too. And then after all of that, she left me with a blueprint of ideas that I'm executing against with glee.This was awesome AND fun and I am liking my house again!! More please!

From ho hum to oh yum! In the blink of an eye...
Kris Joynt on Mar 20, 2019

Winnie is house magic! She’s pretty much all kinds of magic, but when she visited our home, she worked her magic here! We moved in a year ago, after selling our house in Michigan with contents included. Over the past year, we had accumulated a livable, albeit boring, collection of furnishings. Our move was from an ultra modern eclectic house to a building over 100 years old. I really struggled with trying to create the light open feeling that I love about modern design, while giving a polite nod to the fact that this place is really old.
Within minutes through her questions and suggestions Winnie had me imagining so many wonderful possibilities! I loved getting her blueprint of ideas and suggestions! They are “spot on” and are helping me to give that nod to the age of the house while still keeping the feeling of open space and whimsy.
Magic meets house!!!

worth the $
Abby on Apr 05, 2019

Winnie was so wonderful- immediately checked in with my needs and goals. I've always felt like we have good pieces but never known how to highlight them. She helped me move and carry stuff from room to room, took what we already had and put it in such a way that I felt like my decor was entirely different! She has an amazing eye for what will work in your space and what isn't helping. BTW she doesn't push you to buy stuff so there is no worry there. She will give you ideas of things that can enhance your space but literally no pressure in any way. She was able to put words and action to all the things I've had in my mind but couldn't articulate! :) Highly recommend.

Do this now!
Shalimar Beekman on May 16, 2019

I just had an in-home design consultation with Winnie last week. I am so glad that she is offering this service, because it was exactly what I needed! She has so many great ideas and such a solid eye for design - it's the perfect combination. I have already started to implement the changes and ideas she suggested and I am beyond excited! I'll also say that I love when you pay for a service and you actually get what you are paying for - Winnie gives you every minute of time and she also gets all of her recommendations and suggestions right back to you within 48 hours - which was so very helpful and appreciated. If you have some rooms in your home that you don't love - hire Winnie! She will help you transform your space!

Andrea on May 16, 2019

Winnie came in and we had a whirlwind 3 hours. It was amazing. I was expecting we’d just move art and accessories around, but she provided a whole new level of innovative suggestions about room layout, getting rid of furniture, changing lighting, and paint in a matter of minutes after assessing my space. As I was emptying out old book shelves and a desk we decided to get rid of, she did her magic - styling my bookshelves from the ‘best of’ assortment of what I had in my house. It looked so good!! By the end of the day, I had shredded 3 garbage bags of old bills and received my blueprint of shopping suggestions. It feels so good to love my space again!

Amazing home service
Ruthie on May 28, 2019

After two years in our current home, I felt stuck on how to arrange the living room and dining room, and I had never really gotten around to decorating our bedroom. Various aspects of each room were really bugging me, but I wasn't sure how to fix them. Enter Winnie!

She came in and spent three hours shifting furniture, styling shelves, and politely pointing out items and fixtures that need to go.

That was a blast, and I immediately got to work shifting around some of our storage spaces to make them more streamlined and useful. THEN an amazing email came my way-- a room by room breakdown with links for the light fixtures she would recommend, the furniture she suggests (all within my budget, some options are on Craigslist or on hold for me at local Andersonville resale shops!).

This service is fun and empowering, and its saved me SO much time and money-- the bed she recommended we get was much more affordable than similar beds I had been considering, which saved me the amount of her fee right there.

If you've ever wanted a smart, stylish friend to go through your house room by room and give thoughtful, decisive advice, this service is for you. I was able to get a hairstylist recommendation and some ideas for baby names while we were at it, too!

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