Women Who Inspire: A Series on Creative Entrepreneurs // Ebony Chafey – Winifred Grace
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  • Women Who Inspire: A Series on Creative Entrepreneurs // Ebony Chafey
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Women Who Inspire: A Series on Creative Entrepreneurs // Ebony Chafey

Ebony Chafey // Snow & Graham

Women Who Inspire: A Series on Creative Entrepreneurs // Ebony Chafey from Winifred Grace on Vimeo

Name: Ebony Chafey
Age: 42
Name of your business: Snow & Graham
What is Snow & Graham?
Ever mindful of social grace and the precious practice of written correspondence, Snow and Graham offers a full range of paper novelties designed for modern communique. Since 1998, we have expanded from our humble beginnings as a design studio of vision and inspiration to an aesthetic headquarters, bustling with creativity and production. We honor the tradition of surface design with a very contemporary sensibility, combining modern designs with supple papers and fine art letterpress printing. This process allows for the design and materials to reveal the pure qualities of each, creating an expression that is memorable and exceptional in a card that is just right.
When did you start your business?
How does your work define you?
The thing that comes to mind is expression. Which sounds so.......expressive! For me being creative is the opportunity to express something intangible and bringing it into the tangible realm.
Greeting cards and stationery are very much about expression and (at their best) sincerity. While surface design is the more "designy" term I sometime use to call what I do, the bread and butter of my business is birthday cards, thank you notes, notebooks - even our pens - all vehicles to communicate. When I set out to design for Snow & Graham I want the card or sheet of wrapping paper to give the customer a platform to express their gratitude, their love, their silliness, sympathy or appreciation - and have it be an expression that represents them but honors the person they are giving it to. 

What is the most challenging part/s of your job?
Being creative on demand - but it is also my favorite.
What has been one of the biggest mistakes you've made?
I bought $700 dollars worth of Japanese ribbon in my first year. I still have bolts of the stuff almost 20 years later.
On a serious note - when the company was growing very quickly early on I hired too many people and I let them stay for too long. I didn't have the time or experience to be more thoughtful about what the company really needed. And it's true what they say - idle hands are the devil's playthings.
What is one of the best decisions you've made?
Working less. Hours not effort. 

Ebony wears our Crescent Moon Studs and our 6mm Flush Birthstone Necklace.

Film produced by Bradley Murray at Square56Pro. Our thanks to everyone who participated!

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    Amanda Porras

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