Women Who Inspire: A Series on Creative Entrepreneurs September 03 2016, 0 Comments

Arlene Matthews // Kit This


Women Who Inspire: A Series on Creative Entrepreneurs // Arlene Matthews from Winifred Grace on Vimeo.


Name: Arlene Matthews 
Age: 48
Name of your business: Kit This
What is Kit This?
Kit This is a a duo of consultants, Arlene Matthews and Brandon Frein, who provide services such as personal styling and shopping, editorial guidance as well as creative direction.
When did you start your business?
I went out on my own as an entrepreneur 2000 and we started Kit This in 2012.
How does your work define you?
This may sound cliché, but my work is really my passion. That passion for fashion (lol) has lead me to experience and learn so many different aspects of the industry. And that passion runs deep... At the completion of almost all of my projects, I'm filled with so much gratitude that I cannot wait to start the next project.

At the start, the biggest challenge was keeping the faith.  Now, 15 years into it, I look at my challenges as opportunities and know that 'there is a better way'. Crazy I know, it helps keep me sane!!

Arlene wears our silver star studs.

Film produced by Bradley Murray at Square56Pro. Our thanks to everyone who participated!